Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum alopecia is the technical term. Mine started around 3 months after he was born. One day I was showering and I just kept getting handful after handful of hair coming out. He just turned 5 months yesterday and it is starting to slow down a little but I really still lose a lot of hair. I have a bald spot on my hairline as well. Here are some fun pictures to show you what it looked like a couple of months ago versus now.

But hey, “at least it’s growing back, right ?!” 🤣🤣 Oh, and don’t mind the dark spots all over my face. Pretty sure those are also from pregnancy.

It was just a bald looking spot and now it looks like I’m getting some baby hairs that are growing in a strange direction, so it should be fun to see what those end up looking like. I have been taking a prenatal, anyone else have anything they’ve used that has helped them grow their hair back faster?!


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