Do you want to be friends or do you want to sell me your stuff?

I think everyone should have a side hustle. I have thought (thought, no action yet… isn’t that what all the programs tell you your problem is?) about doing it myself. A girl added me on Facebook a while back – someone I was never really friends with but when she added me it made my day. I honestly thought, “that was really nice! Maybe she thought of me and wondered how I was doing” (this happens to me sometimes. I will dream of a person I haven’t talked to in a long time or someone from my past I had completely forgotten about and will add them…)

Anyway, a few days later I saw a post of hers where she was selling her new magic weight loss supplement and I thought stupidly, “of course that’s why she added me”…. The funny part was that I was actually intrigued by what she was selling. Hey! I have 10 more lbs of baby weight to lose okay?!

Then I got to thinking … maybe she’s a genius. We weren’t actually friends so even if she did try to sell it to me, it’s not like she would be making it awkward….

I wonder if I would actually have time to do something like this (probably not selling a magical pill…but something. I just haven’t figured out what yet) with a full-time job and a 10 week old. Lord knows I need as much extra money as I can get with these medical bills piling up. Besides, making extra money from home? Sign me up!

Whatever I decide to do, I want to be sure that I do not feel like I have to pressure family or friends into buying my stuff. I hate that feeling and refuse to use this tactic.

Just some 4am ramblings but maybe will help motivate anyone else who is just “thinking about it” instead of actually doing it. Anyone else have any other side hustles that have been successful for them?


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